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18 януари 2008

Фалшива ли е дилемата "или с Европа, или с Русия"?

Според Гоце--да, фалишва е (вж. напр. тук). Според сутрешните новини на BBC--тъкмо напротив:

Bulgaria backs Russian gas plan

Bulgaria has agreed to a gas pipeline deal with Russia that is expected to boost Moscow's domination of energy supplies to Europe.

The Bulgarian cabinet has agreed to allow the planned South Stream pipeline to pass through the country on its way from the Black Sea to southern Europe.

The South Stream project is a rival to the planned Nabucco pipeline, which has the backing of the EU and the US.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently on a state visit to Bulgaria.

Въпросът е: кой има право? Гоце vs. BBC--серия поредна...

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